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Cincinnati Meet: Saturday July 12th

I'm going to propose one for July due to a special event.

The local park is having a big to do July 11-13th. My proposal is to meet up Saturday July 12th which is the biggest day.

Here is the event:

It's a big outdoor fun day thing in this nice little park right near my house. The beauty of this is that you don't have to pay for parking because everyone will meet up at my place and we will walk down to the park from there, which is just a short 10-15 minute walk away from me.

The park will have food and live music. The bands there will be Loverboy (Friday only, sorry but letting you know in case you are a fan and want to pop down to see them!). Saturday's (fur meet day) band will be Kansas, which was a popular band in the 70's and 80's. So yes, if you have ever liked any songs by Kansas, here is a chance to see them for free!

After the concert is a huge firework show. These aren't some backyard fireworks but real Rozzi fireworks and you will be sitting less than 1000 feet from the launch point. It's big and loud and all kinds of freaking awesome. Peachcat and I went to this last year and it was a blast!

Now here is the deal:

Meet up at my house first, probably hang out there and maybe head down to the park for some fun and concerts. Ears and tails and such are WELCOME! However... fursuits are an open question. I am going to email the people running the event and ask them if fursuits are ok. If they are, then I will let you know. If not, well, they can hardly bitch about ears and tails. Keep in mind though that it will be hot and muggy as it will be in the middle of July.

If fursuits are allowed, we might do a fursuit raid there for an hour or so (depends on endurance and weather) or so and then head back to my place to cool down and clean up, then go back for the concert and food and other fun and games. We can bring a cooler with stuff to drink so no one overheats. Be certain you can handle the heat please... Paramedics will be at the park since it is a big event but I don't want anyone to need their services. It is a half mile to my house, but we will probably have someone drive us up to the park, then go back to my place and park and walk to come join us. We can have a car take us back as well.

I'll post more details including meet up times when I have them. However before I do all of that... is there interest? I need a show of paws. How many Cinci furs can make this?
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