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Morphicon Miscellanea - September 2011


-= Morphicon 2012 - Furry Tales & Fables =-
Once upon a time there was a furry convention in Columbus, Ohio named Morphicon. Now Morphicon was a small con, not like its more famous cousins, but it welcomed any and all who were looking for a bit of fun and relaxation in May. Now, it so happened that Morphicon decided it was time to pay homage to its roots. Looking back further than its birth in 2003, Morphicon chose to focus on the origin of all cons, namely that of folklore. Thus, for 2012, Morphicon is proud to announce its theme will be Furry Tales and Fables. Pulling from stories passed down through the ages, we will celebrate anthropomorphics from all cultures to make this con one like never seen before. Please join us May 3rd-6th next year to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event!

-= Furry Tales & Fables Guests of Honour =-
This year we have invited two Guests of Honour to Morphicon: Sigil and Heavy Horse. We are deeply honoured to have two wonderful artists, the formal visual, the latter written. Rather than do them the disservice of saying something unflattering, we've decided it best to let them speak for themselves.

Sigil is a relatively new artist, but has found her home very quickly in the Furry Fandom! Starting in 1998 she began the long road through anime fan-art and terrible X-man fan characters that eventually led her to furries. Egged on by her husband, in early 2008 she joined the popular website FurAffinity ( and her world was never the same. Working now as a freelance furry artist and going to school full time, Sigil is happier than she's ever been. While usually working in digital medium, Sigil loves making art using pencils, markers, inks, watercolor, name it! She attends several cons a year, and does her best to teach a few panels at any she attends, focusing on artist/client relationships and how to start out or improve as an artist. Her latest project is a collaborative erotic portfolio called "Monster Haus", featuring monsters, strange creatures and people who are more than a little tied up. She is incredibly honored to be a Guest of Honor and is looking forward to participating in 2012's Morphicon!

Heavy Horse (aka Alan Loewen) is an established writer with 20 publishing credits to his name, his first story appearing in the Summer, 1998 edition of the now defunct PawPrints Fanzine. You can follow his adventures at his writing blog at In 2007, Heavy Horse co-wrote Mask of the Ferret with author, Ken Pick in the Eppie award-winning anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God. A hard SF piece with strong anthropomorphic themes, Mask of the Ferret received an Honorable Mention from the 2008 Washington Science Fiction Association. Heavy lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with his wife and three sons, a sheltie named Socrates, a homicidal sun conure lovingly named The Death Chicken, and far too many cats. Deeply honored to be a part of Morphicon 2012, he hopes to entertain with his stories old and new, and, as a retired stage magician, will gladly do a magic trick or two if politely asked.

We ask you to join us in next year in celebrating these two artists and thank them both deeply for taking time out of their busy schedule to spend some time with us.

-= Free Food for Furs! - Morphicon Picnic 2011 =-
In the tradition of years past, Morphicon will be hosting a free picnic for all those able to attend. We will again have it a Sharon Woods Metro park, located just north of I-270 off Cleveland Ave. The date for this years event will be September 24th, rain or shine! Food, drink, and entertainments will be provided but feel free to bring anything you want to share. Last year's even attracted 63 furs and we would love to do that again! Stay tuned for the announcement of the RSVP page so we can ensure we have enough eats for everyone but mark your calendars now!

-= Woollybear Parade =-
Once again, Morphicon will be participating in the Woollybear Parade in Vermillion, OH. We are trying to make this into an annual event and our friends at NEOfurs are helping to make this possible. The Woollybear Festival is an annual event featuring food, music, and entertainment! In addition, there is the parade where fursuits are encouraged If you're wanting to try out your new suit, show off your veteran moves, or just want to walk with other furs, mark your calendars for October 9th. For additional information or questions, please contact Keep your eyes posted on the Morphicon Google Group for ride-share / caravan information

-= The Quick Brown...Dog? =-
Yes, jumped over the lazy fox. To say there has been quite a bit happening with the Morphicon staff would be an understatement. As it always does, life intrudes upon the fandom and prevents things from flowing as they should. That doesn't mean, however, your staff hasn't been making preparations for next year's con. We're still busy redesigning a website to put all previous ones to shame and implementing features you've told us you want. We do listen, you see. It's just, in this, we're adopting the stance of the tortoise instead of the hare: slow and steady. Rest assured, Morphicon 2012 will be something special!

-= September Fable - The Old Hound - by Aesop =-
A hound, known in his youth for strength and never yielding to another animal in the forest, in his advanced age encountered a boar. He seized it by the ear but, because of the decay of his teeth, was unable to maintain his hold on the creature. His master, seeing the boar flee into the woods, set upon the hound with foot and stick. Once the owner's anger seemed to have run its course, the hound said, "It was not my fault, master. My spirit was as strong as ever but I cannot help my infirmities. Rather than being punished for who I am, I should be praised for whom I once was."
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