otto_wolf (otto_wolf) wrote in cincyfurs,

Hey new here

hey guys whats up i just joined the community so i thought i would introduce myself. o.k my real manes alex, but my fur friends call me Otto. I'm 17 and live about 40 from cincy. now you can probably tell by my userpic that i am a car guy but i am a furry to. I do own a fursuit which i built last halloween. the main reasons i am joining this group is because i do not know any furs locally, so i thought this this would be a good place to meet an few.

so thats pretty much it,if you have any question please feel free to ask

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hey aledx or otto im also a car person in or around west chester 30 mins from cincyi gots me a 78 el camino and a 95 honda im old and tarded but sometimes fun to hang with XD so message me maybe we can chill hit up a move or grab some foods
i also type to fast and make a hell load of typos XD