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Cincinnati Ohio: Midsummer Furmeet - Free concert with the band Kansas and X-BOX HUGE fireworks aft

Okie I am posting this here, but if anyone wants to copy any other lists where people might be interested!

So... can Arc throw a party or what? I am proposing an epic Cincinnati furmeet and party at my place. Here are the details:

When: Saturday July 12th - Party starts at 1:00 PM. More laid back fun Sunday July 13th as well. Crash space available both days!

Where: Cincinnati area. Specifically at my house.
My house ==> (Please contact me for address)
After 3PM we will be at Miami Meadows park which is off of State Route 131. This is just a half mile from my house through residential streets.

Here are details for the party at the park (including address and event schedule):

Why: Because it's a good time for a summer party and the band Kansas will be at the park we are going to. This is a FREE concert. Parking is free because people will be parking at my place. Parking at the park is $5 but since it's just a 10 minute walk from my place, you might as well park there.

How: How did I manage this? I have my ways!

Rules: Not many really other than use your head when it comes to apparel. If you show up in assless chaps, it's your job to explain to the township police at the park why you chose to attend a family event dressed that way :)

Tails and ears are ENCOURAGED! This is a fun day, I doubt many people will notice them other than the kids at the park who will probably love it. Fursuits... ok. I've been asked when I floated this idea in my LJ. I can't find anything in the park or township rules prohibiting it. That doesn't mean that you will get away with it, but that is your problem if you bring one. I am not encouraging them because of safety, yours mainly. This is mid July in Cincinnati and we will be outdoors with little shade around. Temperatures average from 90-100 degrees and humidity 70-90% and people will have food, drink and water pistols/balloons around. You can bring your suit, but I guarantee you won't last long in it. I am not going to officially say they are ok or not because I don't want any liability if someone drops dead from heat exhaustion. Whether your bring a suit or not is your own business. A partial might work better but keep in mind it might get mud or food or water on it.

That said bring/wear what you like and keep the temps and setting in mind! This event is laid back, so I don't think the locals would mind as they are there to be entertained!

Now down to brass tacks, here are the events:

1 PM-3PM - Meet and greet at my house, I'll have chips and stuff but no major food since we will be going to the park. Bring some cash for food there, or pack a lunch. We will break at 6PM to head out for a killer Chinese Buffet dinner.

3PM-6PM - We walk down to Miami Meadows park, which is half a mile from my place. Takes about 10-15 minutes. I'll have sunscreen available as you will need it. No alcohol in the park. Fursuits not encouraged due to extreme heat and distance from house. Fursuiters who want to brave it responsible for own transportation to park as well as own safety. Parking at park is $5 for those who go straight there for some reason. At the park they have some kind of expo, music, games (cornhole and hoops and stuff) and other fun stuff we can do, or we can play frisbee or anything else people like. If you have an simple outdoor game that doesn't require setup, bring it!

6PM-7:30 PM - Dinner at the Chinatown Buffet on Old Route 28 ( Place is huge and can easily accomidate 20-30 people even in the main eating area. Buffet is under $10, drinks extra. The buffet is very big and also contains non chinese food for those who don't like Chinese or Mongolian foods. The food quality ranges from good to OMG THATS AWESOME and the buffet includes both sushi bar and a Mongolian style grill at no extra cost.

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM. We should be back at the park by then and we can have some more fun and games and then mosey over for the concert. Kansas will be playing and they are a great 70's/80's light rock band.

9:00 PM-10:30 PM - Kansas will be playing their hits. This is a great band and they haven't lost their touch! The concert is absolutely free.

10:30 PM - 11:00 PM Fireworks. Not some crap backyard show. These are Rozzi fireworks, the kind you see at the WEBN show. You are sitting 1000 feet or so from the launch point and go off right overhead. The explosions are EPIC and the box shape of the park makes for an amazing echo effect. If you like big blasts that hop you off the ground, you want to be here for this!

Whew... that's the whole thing! Afterwards people can either go home or crash at my place for after hours fun. There are events at the park all that weekend, Fri and Sunday too so those interested in those can attend those on their own if they wish. Sunday is open for more fun if people can't get enough and Monday is my birthday so I don't work that day, so Sunday is open as a whatever day if people want to make a weekend of it. Sunday is more likely to be movies/card games though as I won't feel like trekking back to the park unless there is a big reason to do so :P

So please let me know if you are coming so I have a rough idea of how big a crowd to prepare for. RSVP isn't required, but is appreciated!
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